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19 November 2010 @ 11:20 am
Cooper Freedman is awesome, Charlotte King is amazing  
I found this place while looking for somewhere to discuss yesterday's episode. There really aren't too many places to talk about Private Practice. I adore this ship. It took me  awhile to get into it as I started as a Cooper/Violet shipper. I'm usually all about the best friends in love, but something about this ship just grabbed me. Charlotte and Cooper were among my favorite characters from the beginning, and somehow they just work together.

So, how amazing was Cooper last night? He showed how much he loved Charlotte. He was able to put aside his pain and care only for her. While everyone wanted Charlotte to identify the guy so he wouldn't hurt anyone else, Cooper wanted Charlotte to do it so she could sleep at night. Not that he (or Charlotte) wanted the guy to rape someone else, but that is the wrong way to go about talking to a rape victim. Everyone was trying to tell her what she should do. Cooper realized that Charlotte needed to be in control. He was willing to kill the guy so Charlotte wouldn't have to deal with that. He was willing to be in prison so Charlotte would be okay. How awesome is this man? Last season, I kind of got frustrated with him. But my love is back on him full force.

And how epic is Charlotte? I love that they are keeping her in character. This is exactly how Charlotte would react to being raped. She doesn't want to deal with it. It isn't that she wants the guy to go free, but identifying him would be admitting to herself that she was raped. And yet she found the courage to do it. She did it for Cooper, but she also did it for herself. Because Cooper's speech made her realize that she really needs to admit this to be able to move past it.

I can already see their relationship growing stronger. Cooper's stepping up to the plate really helped. He gets Charlotte in a way no one else does, and that goes both ways. Charlotte let him be the "neanderthal" in spite of the fact that she's independent by instinct and doesn't like to accept help. She's finally willing to let him stand by her as she identifies the guy, and she takes his comments about killing the guy in the spirit they were made.

Anyway, those were my thoughts. What did everyone else think?