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Cooper & Charlotte

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For Fans of Cooper Freedman and Charlotte King

Welcome to the first Cooper/Charlotte Community!

Yall are welcome to post icons, banners, backgrounds, fan mixes, fan fiction, etc, etc. Just make sure it has some kind of Coop/Char twang ;)

I don't care much for a lot of rules, but basic lj etiquette is expected:
- Be kind to your fellow posters. Attacks on other members will result in IMMEDIATE & PERMANENT bans.
- ALL SPOILERS go under a cut. The entry should be clearly labeled that it contains spoilers.
- If you're posting icons, no more than 3 teasers outside of a cut. All banners should be thumbnails outside of cuts.
- If someone posts graphics/caps/clips/etc, please say thank you if you take.
- Don't hotlink. It's just not nice, and there are far too many websites that will let you upload pictures for free.
- Don't spam the community. If you're posting multiple fics, please just do the heading info and link back to the entries at your journal.
- If you're not a Cooper/Charlotte fan, that's perfectly fine. You're still more than welcome to play with us. Just don't bash the couple or the fans.
- And, at the risk of repeating myself, BE KIND.

Thanks muchly, tidbit2008

Fanfic Header:
Feel free to use this one, or something similar.

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